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Chuj tey bolday sun hun chananee we boldi aiy.” In the days gone by, wheat and chaff were separated manually using a hand held device called “Chuj”. It was used mostly by women sitting in groups. It was scene worth watching; “chuj” emitting a rhythmic sound. It was a part of celebrating the harvest season in colorful ways. Many a Bollywood and Lollywood songs and dances have captured this phenomenon. Once wheat stocks were secured in bags it was ground into flour through “chakees”; stones moving in a circular manner. Next step was removing bran from the flour through sieves called “chananees”. Their sound would be annoying and meaningless like the scores of PDM leaders croaking like frogs these days.

Recent events surrounding Zaman Park and many other locations in Lahore have amply demonstrated that Lahoris are now inseparably bonded with Imran Khan. His message repeated in multiple speeches of fearing no one but God has resonated with the masses. PTI staged a rally to condemn the brutal murder of Zil-e-Shah and start its election campaign. All efforts to block the access of IK supporters failed drastically and the rally was a resounding success. It totally unnerved the defacto Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz as she saw Lahore slip out of PML (N)’s clutches. She ordered the puppet interim regime to arrest IK whatever it takes. In compliance of the Bandit Queens directions thousands of policemen, rangers and intelligence officers in civil clothes in laid siege and encircled IK’s residence.

The declared objective was to serve an arrest warrant issued by an Islamabad Judge requiring IK’s presence to charge sheet him in Tosha Khana case. IK is accused of legally purchasing a watch and ring and re-selling it. The charge is ridiculous based on recent disclosure of looting of Tosha Khana under orders of a bold truth seeking Justice of Lahore High Court. Sharifs, Zardaris and their cohorts took away precious gifts at suppressed valuations after payment of a small fraction of this price. From cars,officially banned under the law, to priceless items; Tosha Khana has been ravaged. There is humorous aspect to these disclosures. Queen Maryam’s hand maiden, officially her hair dresser took sexual pleasure gadgets for free. Wonder who will be the ultimate beneficiary of this tool! The released list starts from 2002. The real juicy lists from 1988 onwards have been withheld. Nineties were the heydays of Sharifs and Zardaris’ plunder.

Pakistan is in control of rulers driven by revenge and inflated egos. They are blinded by their desire to eliminate IK from the political scene. The nation can go to hell. The      two days of unbelievable mayhem unleashed on PTI supporters has demonstrated their uncontrollable rage. Political workers were mercilessly beaten, tear gassed and sprayed with acidic water cannons. Uniforms attacked Zaman Park as if they were seeking to capture an enemy combatant; not the most popular leader of Pakistanis.

These mercenaries failed miserably in face of charged PTI cadres who have overcome fear. They are ready to lay down their lives defending their loved leader.

Frivolous cases have been registered against IK and his prominent supporters. It is about to reach the first century soon. This level of persecution has never been seen in Pakistan’s history. It’s the darkest hour in the nation’s history. A segment of judiciary is acting unfairly by forcing IK to appear before them in person. The leader is under extreme danger of physical harm. PML (N)’s leaders have openly expressed their desire to crush and eliminate IKfrom the political scene.

These elevated levels of brutality are being exercised in Islamabad as I write these lines. Let us call a spade a spade. Pakistan is no longer a democracy. This imported regime thrust on us through the machinations of General Bajwa and his coterie is a bunch of thugs out to grab power. Unfortunately they are being facilitated by thoseelements in establishment who have been carried forward by the new leadership.

The situation is grave. Certain judicial officers have surrendered their judicial oaths and acting under the instructions of the hawks in the imported regime. The callous attack on the private residence of a former Prime Minister is outrageous. They are destroying his private property, harassing the ladies of the family and arresting innocent workers under the garb of a frivolous search warrant issued by an anti terrorism judge. He is destroying the image of the judiciary as an agent of the Sicilian Mafia.

Efforts are afoot to arrest Imran Khan in Islamabad. These repressive actions by the shameless mafia cannot be without the blessings of certain elements in the Establishment. It is shameful that the entire strategy is being directed by an absconding convict from his plush apartments in London. Revenge and an inflated ego is their driving force.

If there are any sane elements left amongst those governing this nation, which I seriously doubt, please understand a basic principal of physics. Suppressing the will of the people who believe in IK is like pushing down a coiled spring. You may win a few battles in the short term. But when the coil bounces back it will destroy all those that stand in their path. IK has become a symbol of resistance for the masses against all evil forces ravaging this nation. Beware the wrath of the people wronged.      



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