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The chorus of Opposition leaders is well orchestrated. They may be different political entities but it seems their messaging originates from a single media cell. They latch onto a common theme and then harp on it continuously and jointly.It started with U turn Khan and now for some time the emphasis is on “Selected” Prime Minister.

Actually the use of word “Selected” is correct but for all the wrong reasons. Since none of them has the courage to name the Army directly, they use the term “Selected” to imply that IK is the nominee of the Army Chief.

Well here is the kicker. The fact is that Prime Minister Imran Khan won majority of popular votes and hence was ushered in as the Prime Minister. He had to assemble a coalition to make it beyond 50% plus one seat. That is the reality.

But what is subliminal, inaudible to the conscious mind, but audible to deeper mind is that the “Selection” happened somewhere else. There are principles that govern this universe. There is harmony amongst the millions of planets that follow the curved path around the sun. Nursrat Fateh Ali Khan’s rendition “koi to hay jo nizam e hasti chala raha hay” nails it.

Folks may have different names for it, some call it Providence, others may call it Divine intervention, yet others may name it as Nemesis against unrelenting abuse of principles of Justice. Pakistan has been a victim of abuse by its self centered, myopic power elite, especially for the last 10 years. I have thus far used the terms “looters and plunderers”. As facts unfold it is much worse. They raped, pillaged, ransacked, burnt and destroyed the State and people of Pakistan. They bled both endlessly to their hearts content leading it to near expiration.

 It defied all laws of nature. A drastic imbalance had been created between the super rich elite and suffering commoners. We have gone rotten from top to bottom, corrupt to the core, with some honorable exceptions. Be it the Prime Minister, a Bureaucrat, a Babu or a milk vendor. Everyone wanted their pound of flesh. There was a total moral vacuum. Nature abhors vacuum. Finally the Beneficial, the Bountiful, the Almighty intervened.

There is a political leader who has spent 22 years mobilizing the populace to reject the abusive rule without relenting or giving an inch. Starting in 1996, through sheer determination, his unbelievable resolve, unfazed by multiple electoral rejections, his message finally gained traction in 2011. The message was crystal clear, zero tolerance for corruption, merit based, just society, equal opportunity for all. With integrity beyond reproach, Imran Khan was a strong contender to be the chosen one, or in words of Opposition “the selected one”.

Then there is a General, a cool, calm professional soldier, a family man with an ear for music. He was one amongst the many contenders to be chosen by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. An unseen hand guided NS to choose the person who would be his bane. General Qamar Javed Bajwa has kept the lowest profile amongst all Army Chiefs. His profile hides his steely determination and focus to make Pakistan’s defense insurmountable, and usher in changes to uplift Pakistan out of the quagmire. He has pursued these objectives with the patience of a glacier. A “Selection” through Divine Intervention.

To complete the triangle, a Judicial leader emerged who after decades of judiciary’s subservience to the Executive or driven by self interest, put rule of law above all other considerations. Justice Saqib Nisar was blessed with a team of Judges that displayed the same commitment. His appointment was again misread as a Nawaz crony. History proved it otherwise. His successor Justice Asif Saeed Khosa’s judicial reforms, including Model Courts are a much needed rejuvenation. Personal request: Please extend the format to NAB courts to expedite Accountability. It is Providence at work again.

And the icing on the cake was the selection of Justice Javed Iqbal as NAB chief by none other than damning duo of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari.

So how would one explain the coming together of all these positive forces at the same time? It is too much to be a co-incidence! My read is that the unrelenting abuse of our motherland finally even outraged Mother Nature to provide relief for the hapless millions. The joining of forces of all these pillars of State is not possible without Divine guidance. The positive changes happening within Pakistan were not possible without all the players pulling together. This “Selection” happened somewhere else!!! Good luck with all your screaming and yelling Opposition leaders! The Senate Election should be a reality check.

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