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Imran Khan haunts the usurpers in their sleep and every waking moment. This unfortunate nation of nearly 250 million has been hijacked by a handful of greedy and ambitious coterie. While over 90% of the people suffer in abject poverty fighting a daily battle to survive, these mindless rulers are obsessed with containment of IK. Wearing blinkers, they can’t comprehend that it is not possible to wipe away a person who lives in hearts and minds of Pakistanis. This support continues to grow byleaps and bounds with every goof-up of the powerful, like the recent Supreme Court hearing.

Imran Khan has been jailed for over 10 months. His name, photo and video was banned by ISI from media nearly a year ago. All the media owners were herded together by the spy bosses and threatened with unimaginable pain if there were any slip-ups or violations. These cowards complied like a herd of sheep. The power drunk, gun totting Generals are myopic and have a major failing; they don’t understand the basics of human behavior. People always crave more for what is denied. In their drunken stupor, they refuse to glance at history for such failed attempts. The prohibition of alcohol in USA or the blackout of Imam Khomeini by Shah Iran are prime examples.

The thirst of Pakistanis within the country and around the world to see IK has become unquenchable. The anticipation of seeing and hearing Imran Khan through a TV screen in Supreme Court reminded me of the excitement we felt when a friend managed to hook-up to watch the World Cup in 1992 in Riyadh. SC proceedings were anti-climactic. IK was not permitted to utter a word; however, a picture taken by a brave young lawyer amongst the audience has reverberated around the globegetting millions of views.

Today’s hearing has thoroughly exposed the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Qazi Faez Issa. He is nothing more than a pawn of the Generals. You can visualize him as one of the over-dressed guards outside Buckingham Palace; all flash but no substance. CJ  dug his own grave of his credibility. Seeking fame and popularity, he had introduced live streaming of Supreme Court proceedings. It came to bite him in his rear-end when he was commanded to prevent it all cost for IK. Petrified, Qazi jumped in when the fearless Justice Minallah tried to engage in a conversation with IK and diverted that attempt. Pakistanis beware the future of rule of law is in the hands of a pussy in a lion’s garb.

CJ Issa has a 10 ft tall ego; he is a huge bully, short tempered and manipulative. His temperament is very similar to General Asim Munir, the de-facto ruler of the country. Fortunately, it appears he is being cornered by Lions on the bench. CJ since assuming his present role, has done everything in his power to further the self-consuming desire of General Asim to vanquish IK and decimate PTI. Thanks to the social media, all their shenanigans have been exposed, increasing the nations’ hatred towards them. The recent pushback from within the judiciary has shown that honor is not dead amongst them. After two years of blatant interference by intelligence agencies, the Islamabad High Court Judges called it out saying enough is enough.

That fire for independence and respect for law is slowly but surely spreading amongst the judges at all levels. The pitiful Form 47 Government led by Sharifs through their foul mouth-pieces in media launched a campaign to discredit some honorable Justices. They failed miserably to gain any traction except contempt of the masses. Thuslike the take-over of events of cheating on Feb 8thelections or May 9th DG ISPR’s press conference, Army Generals have stepped in and taken charge of this onslaught on judiciary.    

Chameleon is a lizard with a long tail, an extendable tongue, protruding eyes and a highly developed ability to change colors. Is it not a perfect way to describe Faisal Wawda? Through some family connections this petty fraudster gained traction during early Musharraf days. He was able to weasel his way to become a deal maker in NAB settlement cases. He found a way to enrich himself and grease palms of NAB officials, mostly army officers. As a street-smart crook, he cultivated his army connections to become part of agency network. He was catapulted into PTI leadership by impressing IK through information leaked by agencies.

Wawda came out of the closet after fall of PTI government and jumped ship. He has attacked IK viciously as instructed by his handlers. He was rewarded by being made an independent Senator as army’s mouthpiece. He is spearheading the attack on judiciary and Judges are offended. CJ SC Suo moto notice hearing Friday indicates he is trying to defuse the situation to prevent aconfrontation between Judiciary and Establishment.

All these events are endearing IK to the masses. He has become more than a leader; he is an icon who will get a bigger welcome than Imam Khomeini upon being released. His blue shirt will become a symbol of resistance moving into high gear with every passing day. The fake form 47 Government is a rudderless ship, hated by its own people and ignored internationally. No Saudi, American or Chinese dollars have appeared, nor are they on the horizon. For Pakistan’s sake one prays this fiasco ends soon and we can go back to normalcy upon the release of IK.    




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