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A few years ago I visited an active volcano not far from Jakarta in Indonesia in the company of my dear friendsTahir Chaudhry and late Qazi Imran. This volcano is nestled in mountains full of pine trees and gorgeous pineapple fields at its base; rich in alluvial soil, a residual of previous eruptions. One learns every day; I always thought pineapple grow on trees! Popular with tourists it has many resorts. Our resort had a swimming pool fed by hot water from volcanic springs. It is known to contain minerals and salts that help in curing arthritis and skin ailments.

After an overnight stay we headed to the volcano rim where you can see simmering lava percolating to rise and spill over. It is an intimating sight that reminds you of one’s vulnerabilities. With success or access to power we grow tall egos feeling invincible. Watching the boiling lava seeking a way to the top is a reminder that Mother Nature is all powerful and can smash such false pretenses. Graveyards surrounding the site bore witness to the devastation that can be caused if Nature reacts.  

We all know this life is finite. Good and evil are embedded in us but we must follow the righteous path. Those of Islamic faith are aware that Munkar and Nakir, the

Angels of reckoning, await us on the other side to test and testify about our deeds. However, the false sense of invincibility in the corridors of power jumbles our judgment and one loses sight of the difference between right and wrong. That is exactly what is happening in Pakistan for the past two years. Since April 2022 usurpers have overtaken our country. Usurpers are defined as those who seize and hold office, power and position by force without rights. It is a perfect description of our ambitious generals, corrupt politicians, compromised bureaucracy and a judiciary that looks the other way.

After the Machiavellian overthrow of PTI and installation of PDM led by Sharifs and Zardari, the master plan was based on erroneous surveys that IK will wither away. The opposite happened; Pakistanis refused to accept this crime. Instead they flocked to IK as is evident from his larger than life public gatherings. He was unstoppable despite every form of ruthless suppression. That is when uniformed evil geniuses came up with the false flag May 9th operation which led to ruthless and cruel brutalityunseen in Pakistan. Mass arrests, torture, senselessbeatings of women and children and complete censorship of media became the order of the day. Mohsin Naqvi was the face of this distorted inhuman behavior in Punjab. He has been rewarded by being made the Interior Minister to carry on his convoluted approach in entire Pakistan.

Despite such evil intimidation Pakistanis struck back on 8thFebruary through their votes. They clearly gave a verdict in favor of IK despite all road blocks. PTI’s election symbol was stolen through Supreme Court, who also turned a blind eye on the candidates total inability to reach theirelectorate. The nation has gone through a metamorphosis. They want justice, freedom and equal opportunity.

When people unite and wed an idea that becomes their popular will, they stay loyal to it for a lifetime or sacrifice their life in pursuit of its fulfillment. What our myopic rulers cannot comprehend is that Pakistanis are not following Imran blindly; they have taken ownership of his vision of a free Pakistan. The Generals and their corrupt cronies misread this surge as a “cult”. In reality, after suffering indignity for decades the Nation has woken up and latched onto an idea whose time has come. Brutal force can obstruct it but they cannot block it; the oppressors will be blown away by this gushing flood of emotions.

An unrepresentative government has been rammed down our throats through fake form 47. This thuggery and crookery has no legs. Sharifs and Zardaris represent corruption and are hated by Pakistanis. IK is not willing to submit. This blatant robbery has led to a volcanic eruptionfrom within the power structure. The letter written by six Honorable Judges to Supreme Judicial Council has the Establishment in a spin. It’s not about IK or PTI; it is about the illegitimate coercion by ISI forcing Judges to announce illegal decisions. It’s springtime in full blossom; we must nurture it. Every step is being taken by the Generals and their lackeys to brush this challenge under the carpet. It’s time for the nation to stand upto these evil destroyers of our country who have made us penniless, shameless anddestitute. They want to dissipate this challenge through a commission headed by a retired judge; absolute nonsense.

All the political forces seeking to escape the clutches of Army dictatorship should join hands and masses should come in support of these Conscientious Objectors. There is only one way forward; a full court hearing by Supreme Court Justices should examine the contents of this bold and brave move. There is a clear and definite objective; the Political Wing of ISI must be disbanded. It has messed up our political discourse since its inception by Bhutto seeking a 2nd term 2/3 majority. Their fangs and tentacles have grown over decades. Defending the nation is an honorable task; it must continue. I want to respect my army again; it will not happen till the Generals stop wanting to rule directly or through their proxies. The time is now.    

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