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Trout is a famous fish variety belonging to salmon family. It is popular amongst discerning seafood eaters. Here I refer to it not as a culinary delight; rather for another trait that distinguishes it from other fish. It is a fresh water fish that thrives in rivers and deep streams. Some of its varieties can survive in the ocean for a few years, finally returning to fresh water.

Focus of this narration is its unique reproduction cycle. When the trout is ready to spawn and lay eggs, it swims upstream going against the flow of the water. This humungous effort continues till it reaches the shallow waters at the beginning of the waterway. It spawns there and often dies due to rigors of its upstream journey. This trait of the trout is genetic; however there are similarities of this behavior amongst humans. Swimming against the flow of water requires single minded determination and commitment rare amongst humans.

Transposing this to our political scenario, there are leadersindulging in it in Pakistan. One is Imran Khan doing it for all the right reasons and the other is Army Chief doing it for all the wrong reasons. It is important to elaborate on it.

Prisoner Imran Khan and PTI are facing one of the fiercest persecution in our country’s history. Despite tons of analysis, nobody has successfully determined the cause of this crazed anger. I believe it is for what he stands for.In the three and a half years of PTI government,successful efforts were made to turn the economy around. Exports were growing and foreign exchange reserves were boosted by increased remittances. Successful programs like “Ehsas’ and health card were introduced to benefit 90% of the poor population.

Pakistan was emerging as an independent self-respecting nation recognized by world leaders. PTI was motivating overseas Pakistanis to invest in their home country. The real estate and industrial base was expanding at an unprecedented pace. Textile industry had taken off. Contracts were re-negotiated with blood sucking leeches in the energy sector. Settlement was reached with RekoDik partners to prevent hemorrhaging penalties. Opportunities were being provided for the youth.

The list of “crimes” by IK goes on. The icing on the cake was the steps taken to stamp out corruption at top levels. The process of accountability was being pushed to punish the criminal political elite led by Sharifs, Zardari and their lackeys. It was a resurgent Pakistan respected by friends and feared by foes.  

All these positive developments did not sit well with three clearly identifiable groups. First, our traditional masters who were used to having subservient rulers in Pakistan. They found an independent Pakistan making its own choices based on self-interest unacceptable. They always found dealing with the Generals easier; most of whom got their positions after State Department clearance. The second group was Pak Army under the leadership of General Bajwa. Over decades of military rule, army has established their grip over all the pillars of State. In order to remove IK, the masters found a willing ally in General Bajwa. He had his own selfish agenda and his personal grievances against IK.

These two found a perfect ally amongst the crooked and corrupt coterie of politicians dedicated to self-enrichment as their third partner. Sharifs, Zardari and Fazal have been sucking blood of this nation for decades. They were finally facing the consequences of their criminal misdeeds. This troika ganged up against IK and engineered his downfall. This conspiracy was based on a flawed premises; the troika’s belief that the out of power PTI would breakdown and evaporate.

The Pakistanis reacted to this misadventure by coming out in support of IK. To push forward the troika’s agenda, an incompetent PDM Government was installed comprising of much hated looters. While Shahbaz Sharif was the face, the Government was run by General Bajwa. They had no legitimacy in the eyes of the public. As a reaction, they gravitated towards IK like never before. PDM and their masters unleashed cruel and suppressive measures to drive a wedge between the people of Pakistan and IK, including vicious propaganda campaigns. All their efforts failed miserably.

The change of guard at the helm of the army towards the end 2022 gave some hope. These sentiments were dashed very quickly. The present Chief turned out to be much more ruthless than his predecessor. Within months of stepping into position, General Asim embarked on the trout’s journey to swim against the flow of popular sentiments.

After multiple failed attempts they engineered a master plan that unfolded on May 9th 2023. The ruling Junta thought they had played a master stroke. Very quickly the whole mugs game lost its credibility. Yet this manipulative Junta continues to push ahead using false flag events of May 9th to jail and torture women, children and PTI workers.

All this peaked with return of the most hated politician in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif. He is being prepped to become the next Prime Minister. This move has been rejected by Pakistanis. It is apparent from their resistance against this abomination. The Junta has created a one way street by blocking out PTI and facilitating Nawaz. Public’s revenge will come through the ballot box. If the results are tempered beyond recognition, these rigged elections will become the breakout point of pent up emotions of the masses. All the uniforms in the country will not be able to contain the anger that would be unleashed against itsrulers.    

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