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Imran Riaz Khan is a living legend amongst Pakistaniwherever they live. Prior to his kidnapping, everyone waited daily for his commentary uncovering the truth fearlessly. Millions of his followers miss him sorely and anxiously, waiting for his safe return. Since his kidnapping by “Daalla Brigade” his whereabouts are unknown. One prays for his life. It sends chills down one’s spine when we think of the brutal murder of Arshad Sharif, a national icon, eliminated for his belief in truth. The same players were involved there too.  

The ugliness of these episodes is revolting. Disappearances into a black hole have become an everyday affair. In Imran Riaz’s case, despite relentless efforts by his lawyers and orders of LHC chief Justice to produce him, nothing happened. The blatant disregard for law and brutal suppression of dissent has become the norm under this ham-fisted regime.

Since April 2022 when a civilian coup was engineered by General Bajwa bringing in the corrupt coteriePDM,Pakistanis have seen no respite. At that point Pakistanwas on the rise; the economy was improving, Pakistanis were gaining respect around the world and above all the poor and deprived were being cared for through various programs. This resurgent nation was unacceptable to our masters that were used to subservient dictators or compromised and corrupt politicians. Prime Minister Imran Khan was a thorn for those who had colonized us. Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan outright conquest of a nuclear Pakistan was not an option.

Hence they activated their assets cultivated over decades. They were the corrupt and rogue elements in establishment, politicians, judiciary and bureaucracy. They dislodged PTI Government. Thereafter we witnessed one disaster after the other. Supremo General Bajwa installed a regime cobbled together of losers who have no interest or stakes in Pakistan. Then a rare occurrence happened. The people of Pakistan rejected this garbage Government and started to congregate around IK.

Sharifs and Zardari led this pack fixated on ending accountability. Their failure to govern snowballed leading to widespread resistance. The teeming masses showedup at PTI events and voted in favor of PTI in all by-elections. PDM and its armed backers were unable to confront IK in the political arena. Their so-called superstar Maryam Nawaz bombed in the people’s court. Nawaz Sharif was a big wimp without guts and refused to return despite his protégé Shahbaz being the Prime Minister.

Then handlerinchief General Bajwa in connivance with depraved minds like Rana Sana and foul mouthed PML(N) ministers launched massive slanderous campaigns against IK. By that time IK had penetrated into the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and nothing stuck as IK haachieved a Teflon status.

Shahbaz Sharif and his henchman adopted brutal tactics soon after coming to power. However the groundswell support for PTI kept growing. In desperation his handlers    revisited their strategy.  They launched a two pronged attacked. It was brutal suppression on one hand and unleashing a barrage of false cases against Imran Khan and his leadership. Bajwa had enacted this drama to get an extension. Head Honcho Nawaz Sharif reneged on his promises, refused the extension and there was a change of guard in the Army; a new Chief took over.  

The palace intrigues took a turn. The new Chief and his coterie had their own designs; they wanted to rule themselves. Their first opportunity came when IK dissolved Punjab and KP assemblies in the naïve belief that fresh elections will be held as per Constitution. It gave the army leadership the opportunity to install their lackeys in both provinces who control the police, intelligence and bureaucracy. The puppet Chief Ministers’, taking orders from ISI, unleashed a reign of terror to brutally suppress PTI.

This could not dent the public support for IK. Hence the evil scheme of May 9th was hatched. It gave license to the rulers to take actions only seen once before in Pakistan; the brutal army action in East Pakistan that led to the creation of Bangladesh. The same tactics are being deployed now. PM Shahbaz Sharif, an accomplished shoe shiner, succumbed to the army’s pressure. It his waning days, he rammed through legislations to stifle all freedoms and empower the interim regime to take repressive actions.

With puppets installed, the army leadership has a free hand. Their errand boy, the Chief Election Commissioner has no plans to hold elections. The army leadership’s myopic vision of crushing PTI is raising some serious questions amongst thinking minds. What is the present Junta’s real agenda?

Realities on ground are extremely alarming. Inflation is crushing the masses ability to survive. Putting food on the table is becoming impossible. The economy is in a tailspin. Rupee has plunged; utilities bills are leading to suicides. Industry has collapsed and remittances are dwindling. Terrorism is on the rise.

It appears to be an attempt to bring Pakistan to its knees so it is no longer a viable state. Is it part of a master plan so Pakistan submits to India’s hegemony; the viceroy of the West? The trajectory of events and the cavalier approach of the interims spell disaster. Their pie in the sky programs for economic revival is nothing more than a mirage in a desert.

One hopes it is not the ultimate deception of undoing Pakistan by its own defenders. The Pakistanis have to take stock of this perilous path and stand up for their country before it is too late. Our country came into being in the name of Allah; His Will has to prevail.

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