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I couldn’t sleep after seeing the gory details broadcast on Duniya TV by Kamran Shahid of Arshad Sharif’s mutilated hands and body. I am seventy plus and have been around the block many times. If I feel that way, how will Arshad’s young kids react? In this callous game of thrones by our rulers it will permanently scar these innocent minds already dealing with their trauma of losing a father. How far shall the depravation of perpetuators of this pre-meditated brutal murder sink?

Why was this cruelty inflicted? Post mortem in Islamabad’s report is in “safe” hands; the Government and probably the intelligence agencies. Arshad Sharif’s mourning mother is seeking courts intervention for a copy without success so far. Kamran Shahid has notoriously towed the line of his uniformed bosses and relishes in insulting their opponents. His assertion of obtaining a copy of the post mortem report through his sources in PIMS is bogus. Who within the hospital will risk their neck in such a poisoned environment? Hopefully courts will issue directions to release a copy to the immediate family. It is a pre-emptive move by either party having possession; the Government or the Agencies.

Details emerging of this depraved act indicate that this whole episode is going to blow-up in the face of the perpetuators. It is a proactive effort to shift responsibilities and beginning of a blame game. PM Sharif acted first by writing to the Supreme Court. Rana Sana completed the chorus by calling it a pre-meditated murder after weeks of trying to blame IK and ARY Chief. Is this a counter attack? We have to see which way the finger points.

It is clear that Arshad Sharif was mercilessly tortured before being executed. The pulling of nails bear the hallmarks of MQM torture cells or a soul-less interrogator conditioned for such inhuman acts. Was it done to extract information about Arshad’s search for the truth of properties in Belgium or Kenya? Was it done to instill fear in the hearts of those who speak up? We will never find the truth unless an independent inquiry is held through UN. It must determine why Arshad had to escape persecution in Pakistan, his inability to stay in Dubai and how he was manipulated to travel to Kenya for his ultimate slaughter. The Government has huge holes in theirnarrative thus far.

They have further soiled their name how they fudged facts to cover-up and derail the truth in the attempt to eliminate Imran Khan. Rana Sana, Maryam Nawaz and their cohorts, prior to this event called IK ‘fitna” a huge mischief that needs to be crushed.” It is pathetic how a former Prime Minister, leader of the biggest party in Pakistan and with his own Provincial Government, failed to get his FIR registered. After the directive of the Supreme Court a falseand concocted version was lodged.

The Establishment stands exposed and must be embarrassed. Who else wields such raw power that overrides all institutions combined? It is a slap on the face of democracy. Can’t the Establishment see what is happening to their reputation in the open court of public opinion? History tells us that only the forces revered by the nation can take on the enemy. We have seen it in Vietnam, Bangladesh and most recently in Afghanistan. Pakistan has survived due to sacrifices of those in uniform who laid down their lives. The image of our heroes is being destroyed at the altar of a few for their own egos or self-interest. Please end these cloak and dagger games for the sake of the forces we dearly love and admire.        

“Viva Libre” a Spanish phrase means “long live freedom. It gained universal traction in freedom movements for liberation or overthrowing fascists. Azadi March is its manifestation in Pakistan to be rid of a corrupt, fascist regime. Imran Khan has emerged as a liberator. The rulers and their enabler should see this writing on the wall.  

IK’s movement gained momentum in the past six months. His slow burn tactics have bamboozled this crime syndicate which has no coherent strategy. Use of brutal violence to counter this rising tide of popular uprising will be futile. It is growing anemic by the day.

What is really going on? IK has very powerful argumentsthat are penetrating the hearts and minds of the masses. It is a unique mixture of rationality and emotions. Political vampires of PDM are severely handicapped as their misdeeds are exposed. They continue to deploy weaponry from the eighties of repeating lies till they gain traction.

Khan on the other hand catalogues facts of PDM’s loot and plunder and their attempts to whitewash them. People have bought into this narrative. Pakistanis have responded to clarion call of liberating the masses from fear and submissiveness. He has taken on the elite, giving hope and a way forward.  

Some positive signs are emerging. National institutions are beginning to realize that they are the victims, trapped by this crime syndicate regime. Loss of prestige, public respect and support is a price they are unwilling to pay. By default, they are protecting the corrupt who will disappear overseas and these criminals and murderers who are using Establishment’s clout. IK’s long march and crowds that will gather in Rawalpindi should be a catalyst to trigger change. Pakistan’s decisions must be made here not in London.


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