Focus on floods, inflation not IK

STRAIGHT TALK by Hafeez Khan

It appears the whole PDM leadership is fixated on how to technically knock out Imran Khan from the political arena. This obsession arises from their realization that they cannot face him in a free and fair election. This is cemented regularly by the huge crowds that gather on their own to listen to Khan. Their desperation reminds me of the old Punjabi idiom “Bandran hath ustra” meaning “a sharp knife in the hands of a monkey.” It is dangerous, random and will slice and dice whatever comes in its way.

It is a bad place to be in. The country is faced with life threatening challenges; be it the floods devastating millions, the economy in a nose dive or the crippling inflation. PDM’s priorities are messed up. They are going for the jugular. Nine to ten press conferences are held daily by their ministers vilifying Imran Khan and threatening him in no uncertain terms. It appears Khawaja Asif has replaced Rana Sana as the lead executioner. The reality is that none of the leaders of PDM are able or willing to step out into the public. The suffering masses patience is running thin. It could snap at the slightest provocation.

International and domestic media have highlighted the plight of millions displaced affectees of the flood. The scenes are horrifying that tie you into knots each time you see them. It has brought into focus the incapability and paralysis suffered by this imported regime. They are entirely relying on the valiant armed forces that are leading from the front. Their disciplined and strategic relief work is a life line for the suffering masses. These efforts are required to be augmented by the cadres of civilian governments. They are nowhere to be seen except during photo sessions or schemes how to pilfer the aid being offered by friendly countries. These maneating carnivores are so obsessed by their selfish desires to amass wealthas a dark spot on humanity.

I had written extensively in my previous article the causes of the present devastation. Recapping briefly, the environmental disasters are being caused by the developed and industrialized countries. Pakistan contributes less than 1% of the emissions leading to the climate change. Yet, it is amongst the ten most endangered nations that face the brunt of this havoccaused by them.

This fact has been picked up by international commentators and scientists. It is being highlighted by anchors and analysts across world media. It is the perfect time for all these IK haters to stop wasting their time and be out in capitals jolting the conscience of their leaders to step up. It was great to see young Zulfiqar Bhutto Junior amongst the suffering, soothing their pain. In an international interview he demanded that Pakistan’s debt burden should be reduced to make up for the mistakes of the high and mighty nations that continue to pollute the world. It is a lonely voice espousing a powerful message. Where are the myopic Prime Minister and his band of brigands that should be seeking relief in this hour of need? They are obsessed with forcing IK out of the political arena!

The runaway inflation can turn out to be the last straw on the camel’s back. Electricity bills have gone through the roof. It is not a luxury but a necessity in this day and age unless we degenerate back to medieval times. While international oil prices have sharply gone down. Gas prices at the pumps have dropped all over the world. In Pakistan they have risen sharply. It is having a crippling effect on all segments of the economy. Where are the economic planners putting together a rescue plan? The imported regime is clueless offering zero suggestions for a course correction.

Impacted by the huge disruption caused by the floods, the prices of staple foods are sky rocketing. It is further compounded by the greed of the profiteers operating unchecked by administrative paralysis and greed under a hapless Government. Nobody cares. Avoiding the ballot box is their utmost priority. In collaboration with the ECP the imported regime has again chosen the path of flight by postponing the by-elections. It is a clear admission of defeat using floods as an excuse.

Imran Khan’s snow balling popularity has blinded the Imported Regime and their handlers. Multiple FIR’s registered against IK are amounting to naught thus far. Efforts to muzzle the independent media are being nullified by the judiciary. BOL TV is the latest victim. Hopefully they will be given relief soon.

However, a clear and present danger is looming for IK in Islamabad High Court. They have chosen to hold him in contempt for utterance seeking recourse against inhuman police remand extension despite allegations of torture. It is mind boggling why he has been singled out despite numerous direct and indirect threats and ridicule of the highest judiciary starting from Nawaz Sharif all the way down. Is it punitive? C’est la vie. IK needs to deflect this hanging sword that can lead to conviction and disqualification. Is unconditional apology the only option? It will not make him a lesser person. My friend and legal eagle Hamid Khan and his team need to review all aspects before recommending the way forward. It is vital to blunt the sharpest blade aimed at IK’s heart.  

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