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“Sau Ganday we khaday tay chittar wee” is a popular Punjabi saying. A conceptual translation would be “indecision and stupidity cause great suffering”. This folklore is associated with Ranjit Singh. While rendering decision on a misdemeanor by a poor farmer, he punished the perpetuator to either eat 100 onions or receive 100 lashes. The farmer chose onions; a part of his normal diet. After eating 20, he felt bloated and opted for lashes. Upon enduring 20 strikes, in extreme pain, he went back to onions. In this back and forth, he ended up eating all the onions and received all lashes. I am reminded of this story watching the confusion prevailing in the imported regime.
The regime change baby was conceived in USA and delivered in Pakistan. Unfortunately the baby is under-weight, anemic and diagnosed with many ailments. Parents’ details are dubious; however the child’s survival is at stake. Chances diminish by the day. Jubilations by PDM were short lived; swagger of PM Shahbaz is gone. The economy is in a nose dive. Masses are thronging to protest this filthy horse trading that brought this corrupt mafia into power. Runaway inflation has fueled this anger to unsustainable levels.

The nation is galvanized as never before. Grand finale in Multan should send shivers up the spines of all those who want to resist call for an election date. Imran Khan’s passion has transferred to all, including women and children. The masses believe IK’s narrative. His speeches seen all over Pakistan and the world have motivated the masses. All previous records are broken. D-day will be announced on Sunday.

Notwithstanding Maryam’s shrieking, power of the truth stated by a credible leader has electrified Pakistanis. Chickens are coming home to roost. The rush to remove PM IK was to destroy proofs of the ugly past of the Sharifs and Zardari. PM Sharif and Hamza were on the verge of being indicted. Their nefarious designs have blown up in their faces.

PDM’s junta is being squeezed from all sides. On one hand it is peoples’ pressure, committed to stand up against any coercive measures adopted to crush their popular will. The “freedom march” will uproot this criminal enterprise.

On the other hand, the economy is heading towards a disaster this imported regime is incapable of handling. No one sides with a loser in the international arena. Inflows from traditional donors have dried up. IMF in their negotiations is going to pin Miftah and Godfather Dar to the wall.

The recent decisions by the Supreme Court have heartened Pakistanis. It has washed away negativity created by the midnight opening of the courts. The elimination of “Lotacracy” from Pakistani politics is a milestone declaration that will clean up the mess created by disgusting turncoats. It is a bright light in these dark and turbulent times.

The Suo Moto taken by SC against coercing investigations, prosecution and courts is a game changer. It has taken the wind out of the sails of Sharif-Zardari combine. Their raison d’etre of overthrowing PM IK was to kill accountability. It will evaporate. These liars, deceits and manipulators had launched into it with the gusto of armed robbers. Standup Pakistanis like Dr. Rizwan, Dr. Zubair Khan and a whole host of honest professional were being swept away. This SC intervention is laudable and needs to succeed.

Even the partisan Election Commission has found a spine by disqualifying the “lotas” in Punjab. It is a good start; keep it up. Organizing a free and fair election is their next assignment.

As stated in my previous article, Asif Zardari can’t stop smiling. He is relishing the deflection of all negativity towards PML (N). He has one agenda; to make Bilawal PM in 2028. He can be the best mentor but if his protégé does not have the substance the project will fail. Bilawal’s recent visit to US shows a nervous inexperienced FM out of his depth. It was nothing more than a photo-op and profile building exercise. His “tabiadar”, subservient posturing with Secretary Blinken says it all. Bilawal’s gene mix appears to lack the will and defiance of Bhuttos.

PML (N)’s advertising blitz at people’s expense is falling flat on its face. It is heartening to see IK expanding on the successes of PTI’s tenure. His team was treating it as a closely guarded secret! There is urgent need to list the many achievements of PTI. Their supporters are circulating various versions on social media. PTI should take ownership and release an official document of their successes that they can stand behind.

More importantly future PM IK needs to evaluate the nations’ absolute disappointment with PM Sharif’s failure to come up with solutions. He must present an action plan how he will restart the economy that PTI has reconstructed brick by brick and was on the ascendency. It was fragile and needed nursing; unfortunately the flight was aborted due to the machinations of this corrupt junta.

The next week is crucial for the nation’s future. Millions will join the freedom march. Defeat is staring the corrupt elite in their faces. I urge the powers that be to prevent a showdown or God forbid a bloodbath. Save this nation from going the Sri Lankan way. Jati Umra’s future is at stake. A call for free and fair elections is the only answer or removal through another vote of confidence. Do what is inevitable to prevent wrapping up of the present democratic dispensation.

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