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The poison well seems to be without a bottom. It continues to spew regularly keeping the political discourse vitriolic. Rumors always play a role in politics; however rarely have these twisted minds been so corrosive to any institution that dares to cross their path. This huge aberration of lies continues to be regularly enacted by Maryam Nawaz productions.

Shameless deceit and manipulation have become the order of the day. Producer, director and lead actor Maryam performs with a straight face without any qualms. My research and scientists attribute this behavior to a narcissistic personality disorder. It is reflected through actions of such persons. Such personalities display a high sense of self-importance only to mask a low self-esteem. Termed as “NDP”; such individuals display intense and fluctuating emotions. They have excessive concerns with prestige, power and personal adequacy.

Viewed by outsiders, their actions are selfish, manipulative and demanding; they have difficulty empathizing with others’ feelings or needs. In reality, such behavior stems from a need to cover up deep feelings of insecurity. All you have to do is to follow the latest dramas unfolding on our national scene. It is reflected in Maryam’s utterings that are followed by her well orchestrated chorus within her own ranks, and by her well greased media lackeys, criminally enriched through PML (N)’s largesse.

Machiavelli would be turning in his grave; he has been out done in every segment of political deceit and lies. Recounting the lies churned out by PML (N) in the last ten years would fill a book. Let us analyze what motivates this “NDP” Nawaz-Maryam combine. Since his political birth delivered by mid-wife generals; Nawaz Sharif quickly understood the importance of establishment for his political career. He was anointed by a military dictator using a Governor House server’s Turban.

He stuck to the winning formula; kowtow to uniformed leadership, and line-up the “flexible” judiciary, it leads to Prime Minister-ship. Hapless voters could be swayed and manipulated through well oiled media machine. Anti PPP vote bank was his natural constituency; it would provide him the necessary Parliamentarians. Once in power he milked the national exchequer for self-enrichment; he doled out bags of money to media and opinion makers to stay in power.
Once in power he would use his bully pulpit to bring in line those who dare oppose him. It is borne out by the attack on Supreme Court or unceremonious departure of an Army Chief.

Those he could not coerce, he attempted bribe. Example: suitcases full of money flown to Quetta by a former Judge to bribe his brethren. His various stints in power in Punjab and the centre were used to loot and launder and consolidate his grip on power. He spent Government money to pay off his sycophants and reward personal loyalty; not competence. It is a simple straight line for a narcissist who cares for himself.

Once we comprehend Nawaz-Maryam’s behavior pattern, it becomes easier to understand what is happening on the national scene. Post Panama, he ran out of luck on both the fronts that always propelled him to power. The Army Chief and the Chief Justice refused to be subservient and kowtow to his wishes. A huge thorn was already embedded into him in shape of PM IK. His and his family’s plunder got exposed that finally led to his conviction. He was able to weasel his way out of the country with the levers of PML (N) left in the hands of brother Shahbaz and his chosen successor Maryam.

They have divvyed up their roles quite effectively. Shahbaz conducts the Parliamentary politics and Maryam leads the dirty tricks brigade of disruption and misinformation. Politics on issues and programs in its conventional form is over in Pakistan. It now revolves around false videos, audios and sensational lies. After consistently attacking the Army without success, their focus has shifted to bullying the judiciary. Evil schemes are being hatched to discredit the Judges through minions who have sold their souls.

Maryam and her coterie are shamelessly disrespecting and discrediting the judiciary through false affidavits and cooked up audios. It is all in prep to derail the judicial process ready to hear their appeals against convictions of Nawaz and Maryam. Simultaneously, widespread corruption in the media world has come to light. Maryam who had previously denied the “dirty tricks den” aka media cell, finally owned upto it. She and Ahsan Iqbal admitted to using Government money to buy journalists who were willing to sell their souls. These are chargeable offences.

Maryam and Nawaz consider themselves above the law. Rightly so. Despite tons of evidence against Sharif family these cases are stalled and have lingered for years. It is incomprehensible and it raises serious doubts why this is happening. Are the prosecutors and NAB totally incompetent, or are they in cahoots with the Sicilian Mafia making a play to run out the time clock of PM IK? What is stopping day to day hearings?

It appears our crumbling system has lost its teeth entirely. Has the bag of dirty tricks, so capably deployed by Maryam, paralyzed those whose duty is to dispense justice? We have a stellar example of China; how they mete out justice to their corrupt. I have seen the impact of the NAB equivalent KPK dispense justice, and recover loot in Indonesia. All it requires is the WILL TO LET JUSTICE PREVAIL.

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