STRAIGHT TALK by Hafeez Khan

Mario Puzo’s insightful book, The Godfather, that went
on to be filmed as all time classic films. It traces a Sicilian family’s
migration from its ravished homeland to New York, USA. The first film “Godfather”
released in 1972 traces the struggle by the family patriarch in early 20th
Century US. He establishes his writ using his brain and brawn, a mix of
ruthless violence intertwined with Robin Hood style justice in a corrupt,
ethnically driven society. He builds a huge fortune and an empire based on his
criminal enterprises. This movie ends with passing away of Don Vito Corleone
played by inimitable Marlin Brando.

The compelling sequel, God Father 2 released in 1974
drastically contrasts the life of father and son Michael Corleone, played by
equally talented Al Pacino. He attempts to conver the criminal enterprise into
legitimate business through buying politicians, judges, police and using strong
arm tactics on those who disagree.

There are a lot of parallels between the Corleone
family and Zardaris and Sharifs. Their route to success is similar. Various
criminal activities built the Pakistani Corleones’ nest egg. However US Corleones
were no match to their Pakistanis counterparts. Their strategy was starkly
different. They blossomed into white collar criminals, courtesy master faker
Ishaq Dar. He perfected the art of deception. Receive bribes and kick backs in
cash. Convert in open market and launder funds abroad through Hawala using fake
identities. Retain abroad huge chunks and bring back required funds as foreign
remittances in their own names. The cover is a law Sharifs passed in 1992. It’s
all kosher. Where is the crime? No corruption has been found, shout their paid
lackeys. The big spoke in the wheel came when after decades of slumber NAB finally
came into action. What are the sources of funds Chieftains?

Sharifs and Zardari have no explanation. The proofs of
massive money laundering are all there. Allah Bless the Supreme Court for forming
the JIT. The beans are spilt. Sharif’s wangled their way out of Hodebiya
through the previous corrupt NAB chief and spineless judges. It was an open
shut case. There is still enough evidence to lock up both families for a
lifetime and some more. Hence NAB is their enemy number One. Making it
controversial is their top priority.

After months of abuse Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal
finally spoke up. I heard his recent press conference twice. Very logically and
methodically he highlighted the progress and admitted the drawbacks. 25 judges
dealing with 1250 references. The NAB prosecutors are no match to the top
criminal defence lawyers charging in crores. He is seeking additional resources
to beef up prosecution and get additional judges.

This is where PTI Government should step in urgently despite financial constraints. Great
work is happening. These lingering references have to be concluded. Give NAB
the tools and resources so this torturous saga gets concluded. Jail the
culprits. Recover the stolen billions. NAB chief’s
reassurance to business community and bureaucracy is heartening. The stagnant
economy needs to be facilitated and kick started.

Another hoax. NAB chief’s alleged interview with Javed
Chaudhry. It is the same Javed Chaudhry who conducted the notorious
“Alhamdollilah” Hussain Nawaz interview. It was Sharif’s main card to deflect
Panama. It failed. Allah had other plans. Chaudhry’s undisputable tilt can be
attributed to lavish benefits showered by Sharifs. Based on this fake interview
opposition guns are blazing overtime.

Enter God Fathers 2. Bilawal Zardari has been appointed
the official leader by Asif Ali Zardari. Maryam Nawaz is the Vice President
officially. The way she pushed around Senior Vice President Abbasi at the Iftar
speaks volumes about who is the boss. The hawks have taken over because their
Dads are in trouble.

Their own inheritance of illegal wealth, running into billions, is at risk. Maryam’s vitriolic
attacks on the Government during a condolence meeting has given away their
intentions. She is spewing venom against her own family that has escaped
overseas calling them “mafroor, bhagoray”. Her slogan “Gharib bachao mulk
bachao” has traction. She is starting with an extreme position. She does not accept IK as PM.
They have one point agenda – How to avoid prosecution. Zardari claims it is NAB or the country! My dear I have news for you. The country’s only chance is if NAB does its job!!

What qualifies them for these appointments? Like the
movie, these two have taken over because of their bloodlines. Otherwise what do
they know about life? Born in abundance of wealth they have not done a day’s
hard work. What do they know about the common man?  How can they identify with girl who lost her
life, bitten by a snake when forced to clean school premises? The struggling
families that scrounge a meal, but are not sure where the next one is coming
from? The rampant child abuse? Torture of child servants? The pain of poverty? Daughters selling their bodies to get medicines for ailing parents?

A run on the Dollar has been engineered. Courts or NAB have not frozen the ill gotten billions. What is
stopping these looters to be in cahoots with international players who are
outraged by CEPAC and an independent Pakistan emerging? Throwing in a few
hundred million dollars, like they did in Turkey last year, is not
inconceivable to mess up the exchange rates.

I urge again PM Imran Khan to keep rebooting, keep bringing in subject matter experts. PTI is
vulnerable on the inflation front. PTI fell from the frying pan into fire with
change of guard in Information. Inflation is a fact, but not as bad as it is
being made out to be by the Opposition. We are losing on the front of explaining why it is happening. Eruption of widespread disturbances is what combined opposition seeks to deflect

PTI needs to act decisively against the profiteering mafia to give relief to common man against the
runaway inflation.Drastically improve in communicating its narrative on media & social media Introduce Police
reforms. Punjab is being brutalized.We are an agricultural country. Bring in experts, give them a free hand and go back to basics to grow more food and export it too.Take cognizance of NAB bottlenecks. Avoid appointing on key positions those on NAB’s radar.Don’t let culprits run away by having their names removed from ECL.

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